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So how to do the headcount precisely? Everybody got their own method and you will see how much different on the result!


May i suggest a more mathematical method to do it?


Very simple, just get the area dimension, and divide by people density.


For example you see the Kelana Jaya so packed with people and people are shoulder to shoulder, so we just assume each people will ocuppy 2.5 square feet.


So let say your house got 850 square feet, then can have 340 people stading in your house, then unfortunately some of the people have to stand at your toilet.


Therefore, can any of the journism ask Kelana Jaya maintenance people about the stadium size and do the math before publish the figure?


Or can just put a disclaimer on how to come out with the figure? thanks you.


By the way, i do not buy any of the newspaper and i do not they did write out their method of calculation or not.

i have forgetten when was my last time buy any newspaper.


So let start boycott those mainstream newspaper!!


reference: http://www.popularmechanics.com/science/the-curious-science-of-counting-a-crowd 

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